Accessibility & Screening Types

Below is a list of the provisions we make for accessibility in our cinema and the types of screenings we currently offer. All of our screenings are open to all, and everyone is welcome to attend whichever screening suits them best. If you have any suggestions of how we can improve our service further, please let us know.


The Phoenix has three wheelchair bays in the back row of the cinema that can be booked in person or over the phone at Reception - one of these is a fixed space, and we manually remove seats to create the other two spaces. These aren't bookable online, so that we can be sure we have prepared the correct number of wheelchair spaces for each screening and to ensure these seats are booked by those who need them. Please make staff aware when booking your tickets if you require a wheelchair space, or whether you need a seat in the back row due to other mobility issues that don't require the seats to be removed.

We have space at the front of the cinema for additional wheelchairs, or for those who would rather sit near the front for other reasons. Please note - to access the front of the cinema without using the stairs, you need to enter the cinema from outdoors through one of our fire exits. Please let us know in advance if you wish to use this option, so we can coordinate staff to show you where to go and have these doors opened for you.


This is a service for blind and visually impaired cinema goers. For most widely released films, a narration track is available which fills the gaps between dialogue by describing what is happening on screen. This can only be heard through special headphones on compatible films - if you wish to use this service please ask the member of projection staff at the cinema door for a set of headphones. If a film has an audio description track available, this will be listed on our website next to the Run Time and BBFC certificate as 'Audio Description Available'.


CEA Cards are for disabled customers who wouldn’t be able to attend a cinema screening on their own and require a carer to accompany them. The card entitles them to one free ticket for a carer, allowing them to enjoy a trip to the cinema for the same cost as anyone else (the card holder is still required to pay for their cinema ticket).

Application forms for CEA cards are available in the cinema foyer, or from the CEA website.


Our cinema has 243 seats, starting with row A at the back as you enter the cinema. Seats A1-17 can only be booked in person or over the phone. Seats A8-17 are our accessible seats, with up to 3 wheelchair spaces available. Seats A1-7 are usher seats and don't have armrests, so we only allow these to be booked if there are no other seats available and customers confirm that they would be comfortable in these types of seats. 

Click here to see the Cinema Seating Plan.


Perfect for people with dementia, memory loss and their family, friends and carers but open to everyone to encourage a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. During the show, the lights will be left on low and people can move around as they need to.


Our satellite link allows us to screen the best productions from the National Theatre, Royal Ballet and Opera and more, live from whichever venue they are taking place in, directly to Orkney! These shows will usually start promptly, so be sure you arrive in good time and are seated by the advertised start time of each performance.

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A hearing loop is installed in the cinema auditorium and is active during most cinema shows. Please switch your hearing aid to the 'T' setting to use this service. During some events the hearing loop may need to be switched off to prevent interference with microphones or other equipment - please ask a member of cinema staff if you have any queries about this.


Monthly screenings of family-friendly films at low prices – all tickets are only £3.10! A great way to introduce little ones to the cinema for the first time, or just see a good film for less money. (Responsibility for assessing a film's suitability always remains with the parents or guardians.)


Independent, foreign language and classic films, documentaries, art house and world cinema – our Fringe strand gives everyone the opportunity to see these quality movies on the big screen!

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These screenings have a relaxed atmosphere where customers should be understanding of others, who may have additional support needs and may need to move around or make some noise. There will be no adverts or trailers shown before the film, so the film will start at the advertised time. During the show, the lights will be kept on low and the volume will be turned down.

Young children remain the responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times and are not permitted to play on the stairs or run along the aisles where other customers are sitting. Please respect others at all times, which includes giving everyone the space they need to comfortably enjoy the show.


These screenings have descriptive subtitles for the hard of hearing on screen, that are visible to all. The films shown are the same as on regular cinema schedule, but with the addition of subtitles for dialogue and other sound effects, such as (music), (wind and rain) or (door opens). 


A disabled toilet is available in the cinema foyer. There is another disabled toilet directly opposite the cinema doors, which has baby changing facilities. Male and female toilet facilities are just along the corridor, between the cinema and the cafe.