Phoenix Fringe

Watch high quality independent, foreign language and classic films, documentaries, art house and world cinema on the big screen.

Phoenix Fringe choose two films a month to be shown at the Phoenix Cinema. It’s not a club – screenings are open to the public and everyone is welcome. You can suggest films you would like to see at Phoenix Fringe and keep up to date with screenings through their Facebook page.

Please note – there are often no adverts shown before Fringe screenings, particularly before the evening shows, so please make sure you are seated by the advertised start time of each film.

See below for the upcoming Phoenix Fringe films:



Thursday 4 July: 1300 & 2030

During the 1970s, a violent decade that saw the origins of drug trafficking in Colombia, Rapayet and his indigenous Wayuu family get involved in a business that brings hitherto unseen wealth to his people, but also a wave of violence. The clash between old-world tradition and new-world corruption ends up destroying their lives and their culture.

Compelling and beautifully made Columbian crime drama from Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra, the makers of Embrace Of The Serpent. Stars Carmiña Martínez, José Acosta, and Natalia Reyes.

126 mins     Cert. 15


Thursday 18 July: 1230 & 2030

An endurance swimmer attempts to swim the most hostile sea-channels in the world, but as her incredible journey unfolds, dangers of the sea prove easier to conquer than upheavals of the heart.

British marathon swimmer Beth French sets out to conquer Oceans Seven, a challenge consisting of the seven most dangerous sea-channels in the world. For extreme swimmers, it is the ultimate test. Only a handful of people have ever completed it, but Beth aims to become the first person ever to swim all seven in one year.

Driven to set an example for her autistic son and by her battle with a life-long, debilitating illness, Beth travels to far-flung corners of the world confronting jellyfish, sharks, wild weather, hypothermia and mind-numbing fatigue. With each swim Beth gets more determined, but as her dramatic journey nears its end, Beth’s burning desire to conquer the open sea comes into heart-rending conflict with a mother’s dreams for her son.

Inspirational British documentary directed by the BAFTA-nominated and award-winning filmmaker Stefan and produced by BAFTA & EMMY-nominated Nick Read.

88 mins     Cert. 12A


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