Phoenix Fringe

Watch high quality independent, foreign language and classic films, documentaries, art house and world cinema on the big screen.

Phoenix Fringe choose two films a month to be shown at the Phoenix Cinema. It’s not a club – screenings are open to the public and everyone is welcome. You can suggest films you would like to see at Phoenix Fringe and keep up to date with screenings through their Facebook page.

Please note – there are often no adverts shown before Fringe screenings, particularly before the evening shows, so please make sure you are seated by the advertised start time of each film.

See below for the upcoming Phoenix Fringe films:



 Thurs 25 April: 1300 & 2000

Nominated for the Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival, where it also won the FIPRESCI Prize and the Vulcain Prize for the Technical Artist.

After Jong-soo bumps into Hae-mi, a girl who once lived in his neighborhood, they quickly hit it off and she asks him to look after her cat while she’s on a trip to Kenya. When she returns, Hae-mi introduces Jong-soo to Ben, a mysterious man she met on her travels. Soon, Ben confesses his own secret hobby…

Based on a short story by Haruki Murakami, this critically acclaimed South Korean mystery is directed by Chang-dong Lee and stars Steven Yeun, Ah-in Yoo and Jong-seo Jun.

148 minutes    Cert. 15

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