Swimming Courses

Swimming is the sport for all – it is an inclusive activity for people of all ages, all sizes, all abilities and all backgrounds, whether using this hugely popular sport for fun, for fitness or for health and wellbeing.

At the Pickaquoy Centre, we offer a range of classes to cater for all ages from toddler to adult and all abilities. Regardless if you are a complete beginner or if you are looking to improve your technique, our trained Swimming Instructors can help you to reach your goals.

Adult Swim Classes

This class is designed especially for those who would like some help and advice on their swimming technique and confidence in the water. Whether you are a complete beginner or would like to improve on your swimming, we aim to help you reach your goals while helping  you to feel comfortable too. The adult swim classes are delivered weekly and the course block must be booked in advance.

As well as the adult swim classes, we also offer the following sessions (booking in advance is not essential but is recommended)

Skills & Drills
Skills & Drills is designed to help adults develop their stroke technique and improve fitness. This session is taken by an instructor giving adults the chance to improve and develop their swimming skills with the instructor’s advice. Skills & Drills is more suited towards swimmers who can swim lengths but require more work on their technique. Classes are on Wednesdays from 12:45pm – 1:15pm and Fridays from 5:30pm – 6pm. The class is included in any membership with a swim element and costs £4 for non-members or £2 for concessions. Book your space at reception now! 

Powerswim is a short intensive class designed to fit into your lunch hour or when you are short of time. Powerswim is for adults who want to improve their swim stroke, technique and fitness level within a coached environment. This class is more suited to advanced swimmers. Come and give it a try on Mondays from 12:45pm – 1:15pm and Wednesdays from 7:15am – 7:45am. The class is included in any membership with a swim element and costs £4 for non-members or £2 for concessions. Book your space at reception now! 

Parent & Baby

Parent & Baby classes are for ages 6 months – 18 months and help develop early fundamental aquatic skills. They will build water confidence, brain skills and are most importantly fun.


Aquafun is a parent and toddler class for 18 months - 3.5 years old, aimed at making little ones confident and comfortable in water. With fun activities such as blowing bubbles in the water, submersible games and of course lots of splashing this class comes with a parental warning – your hair will definitely get wet!

Pre-School Swimming

Pre-School classes are for 3.5 – 5 year olds and builds on skills learned in the earlier programmes. It focuses on early swim practices whilst still keeping a fun element and enhancing safety awareness of participants. The parent does not go in the water but must stay in close proximity.

Learn to Swim

We run Learn to Swim courses during school term time throughout the year. The course content follows the Scottish Swimming approved curriculum.

Scottish Swimming is the national governing body for swimming in Scotland; representing affiliated clubs, swim schools, aquatic disciplines, and thousands of talented and committed volunteers across the entire swimmer pathway, from development and healthy living through to performance.

The Learn to Swim courses are split into the following 8 levels:

Learn to Swim 1

Introduces the young swimmer to the water environment and establishes early floating and breathing practices whilst being supported by an adult in the water.

Learn to Swim 2

The underwater environment is brought in with the introduction to submerging, whilst building on the swimmer’s confidence in being safe around and moving through the water.

Learn to Swim 3

Early swimming stroke technique is incorporated into this level with beginner freestyle and backstroke practices. Floatation skills, confidence underwater and instruction on safe entry and exits from the water are reinforced and progressed.

Learn to Swim 4

Level 4 continues to build on spatial awareness, which includes instructing the swimmer to perform tasks upside down. Treading water with different techniques is also introduced and the swimming strokes are taken further with the addition of every breaststroke pull.

Learn to Swim 5

Basics of tumbling and streamlining provide the swimmer with the ability to refine their orientation and movement through the water. Fundamentals of kicking and swimming for a set distance are also introduced.

Learn to Swim 6

Undulation and sculling techniques are essential to level 6. Swimmers can also build on their motor skill patterns being developed in the swimming strokes, diving practices and general manoeuvrability through the water.

Learn to Swim 7

This level introduces early endurance swimming practices including a 50 metre swim and builds on personal safety skills in water. The swimmer will be able to demonstrate full stroke technique in all 4 competitive swimming strokes.

Learn to Swim 8

The final level introduces elements of rhythm to the swimming stroke technique and continues to build upon skills learned in streamlining, sculling, kick and pull to provide the swimmer with all the necessary skills to pursue activity in any of the aquatic disciplines.

We currently have a waiting list for the Learn to Swim classes which we are working through however if you would like any more information on any of the above classes, please ask at Reception or e-mail enquiries@pickaquoy.com.

To enroll a child in any of our courses, we require their details to be registered on our booking system, linking to a parent or guardian (main applicant). You can download a copy of the registration form here. This can be handed in at Reception or scanned and e-mailed to enquiries@pickaquoy.com.

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