Pool Inflatable Sessions

Sundays 2.15 – 3.15pm is inflatables time!

Each week will either be Dive ‘n’ Slide and Water Walkerz or Commando Run.

Pool Inflatable Schedule:

  • Sunday 20th January: Commando Inflatable
  • Sunday 27th January: Commando Inflatable


Dive ‘n’ Slide into the pool with our giant inflatable slide!

Water Walkerz - with our inflatable walk on water balls you really can walk on water!

Commando Run - a 15 metre obstacle course designed to test your wits against another person on the opposite side. Lots of ‘splash landings’ on the way but if you make it to the end you get chance for a proper splash landing going down the slide. Available to deep end swimmers aged 13 and under.

Inflatable Images


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