New Group X classes

We have now added three brand new classes to our Group X Timetable!


A combination of strength and cardio exercises with short, rapid movement between intervals. Using bodyweight, dumbbells and kettle bells, this class is designed to improve strength and endurance while burning calories to give you a full body workout. Circuits is suitable for all levels.


A high-intense class consisting of teamwork and determination whilst rotating between muscle groups. The exercises can range from press ups and sit ups to tug of war or skipping rope. Bootcamp offers varying exercises each week where two teams compete to win. At the end of the class, the scores are added and the winning team chooses the final exercise for the losing team to complete. This class will suit people that want to fit a quick cardio and strength workout into their lunch hour.


Tone is a full-body workout using a mix of cardio, resistance and core exercises. Combining weights, steps and a mat, the class improves functional strength, flexibility and co-ordination while strengthening your core. This class is designed for all levels of fitness.

Each of these classes are included with an ActiveLife membership and start on Tuesday, 15 January 2019. Book today!