Peedie Puffins

Patti looking at track for web

Have fun with Patti at Picky!

Peedie Puffins is a music and movement class from Birth to 5 years old. It has been running for two years and Leah has seen a total of  647 children attending a session of some kind. The aim of the classes is to get children into music and movement from an early age by doing a mix of singing, action songs, puppets, games, skill building, parachute fun and Lycra fun. Everything is done with an emphasis of learning and most importantly fun.

The Peedie Puffins classes generally run for a 6 week block at a time and are available for the following two age groups:

Peedie Pufflings Baby Classes
Peedie Puffins 18mths – 3yrs classes

To find out more information about the classes including class in-take dates, please contact Ali directly on or through the Peedie Puffins facebook page.