Please feel free to discuss your individual queries with our highly qualified health and beauty therapists who use high quality products and with their expertise will ensure luxury, comfort and outstanding results.

Our therapists are:


Dave Walker

Dave qualified as a Sports Therapist (Higher Diploma) in 1997, with experience of providing Sports Massage not just in a clinic setting but also at events ranging in diversity from the London Marathon to the Cerebral Palsy Games and more intimate events such as local 10k’s and triathlons etc. Treatments centre around Sports/Remedial massage combined with  other modalities such as myofascial release and various forms of stretching along with advice on self treatment i.e exercises/stretching to try and achieve a successful outcome. Alongside the physical treatment, Dave can also provide advice on the management/rehabilitation of sports related injuries.

Active Isolated Stretching (A.I.S), in which the client gets to put in a little bit of effort (!) with a little guidance from Dave, often forms part of a Sports Massage session, this is also available  as a stand alone treatment. Alternatively if you just require a nice relaxation massage then Dave can provide that too.

Medical Acupuncture is now available with Dave. Not to be confused with Chinese Acupuncture, Medical Acupuncture is solely for the treatment of muscular pain and will generally be used  after further consultation with the client in conjunction with sports/remedial massage combined with stretches to achieve a favourable outcome.  For further information on this or if you have any queries regarding your needs or treatments you can contact Dave via Reception by e-mailing

Monday: 12-7pm
Tuesday: 12-9pm
Wednesday: 12-9pm
Saturday: 10am-2pm

Gail McAndrew

Gail began her massage journey in 2000 with a Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy and since then has gone on to gain qualifications in a number of complementary massage therapies including reflexology, sports and hot stone massage.  Having worked from Napiers Herbal Healthcare in Edinburgh until 2011, Gail then returned to full-time study and began to focus on the provision of massage at sporting and leisure events as well as within workplace-based settings.  She is trained in both therapeutic and remedial massage techniques which can be used either to address specific physical symptoms, or alternatively provide a luxurious treatment focused on pure relaxation.

Treatments with Gail will begin with a short consultation where the client will have an opportunity to discuss, in confidence, any existing health conditions, injuries or lifestyle concerns that they may have.  This will allow Gail to direct each individual treatment towards meeting the client’s needs using the most effective techniques possible.  In line with her personal ethos, Gail uses ethically-sourced, organic oils that are rich in nutrients and kind to your skin.

Friday: 2pm-9pm

Gemma Groundwater

“Many thanks to the new sports therapist, Gemma, for her professionalism, expertise and warm welcome. She aired an injury I have had for months. She advised me on how to look after my muscles long term and it was much appreciated.”

As a Sports Therapist, Gemma can offer sports massage whether it is pre-event, post-event or if it is just for a general massage, as well as conducting rehabilitation programmes for clients following injury. For further information on sports massage and rehabilitation programmes that Gemma can offer click here.

Monday: 10am-3pm
Tuesday: 5:30pm-8:30pm
Thursday: 3pm – 7pm
Friday: 11am-5pm
Saturday: 10am-12pm

Helen Sutherland

Helen offers an energy healing tool, referred to as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), that can provide impressive results for physical, emotional and performance issues. EFT operates on the premise that there may be an emotional component to any areas you are struggling with. While acupuncture uses needles, EFT works by gently tapping  points on the face and hands.

Helen’s working hours and EFT prices can be found here.

“Helen is very professional and friendly which put me at ease with her straight away. Her calm manner made it easy for me to feel like I could trust her and be myself around her. As Helen guided me through EFT, I was surprised at how quickly and aware I was of powerful emotions and feelings that she helped me to face. Negative issues resulting way back to childhood which I didn’t even know I had problems with in my adult life! I was amazed at how she managed to gently guide me to these deep rooted issues, and gave me the correct tools in how to begin healing them which resulted in me being able to work on letting them go and feeling a general sense of a happier wellbeing. Since becoming a client of Helen’s I feel more in tuned with my body and if my fibromyalgia condition flares up, I am confident that a session with Helen will help me find the source of my problem, and for the first time, I feel like I am getting the correct support in overcoming sometimes crippling depression, anxiety and muscular pain.”

Sunday (every fourth Sunday): 12pm-8pm

Edith Rosie

Edith offers a range of beauty treatments including manicures, pedicures, waxing, eye treatments, body wraps, facials, tanning and more! Edith now takes appointments from 7am on a Wednesday – perfect for those who would like to get in before work!

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